Questions to ask a Chimney Liner Pro as they Work on Your Chimney.


Why does my chimney need a new liner?

Before going ahead to hire a chimney liner professional first question that you should ask yourself if you need their services and what are some of the reasons that are making you hire them and not do the work by yourself. After answering that question as it is the first question you should consider, then it will guide you through the following questions that you will be having for the liner pro.

If there’s damage in the chimney, can my chimney pro show it to me?

There are some chimney repairmen that tend to face an issue so as for you to spend money on them for their gain whereas there is no problem that the chimney is experiencing. Ask them if they can show you what the problem is so as you can know what you are getting yourself.

How will the liner fix the problem?

After showing you what the problem that your chimney is experiencing, the next question is for you to ask them if a liner can fix the problem. Let them give you detailed information that is required for a successful chimney repair and what are some of the benefits that the new liner will provide on the issue.

What will you have to do to the chimney so the liner will fit in the flue?

Insulation of the liner is essential especially for the liners made from stainless steel that is applied for venting of fuel-burning appliances, such as the use of wood fireplaces. Since you have concluded that stainless liner steel is the one convenient for you to use in your chimney the next question is for you to ask how liner at will be able to fit in the flue.

What liner are you installing and why?

In chimney liner installation there are three forms that a chimney liners for sale is made of that of that one can choose for their chimneys. These categories include; Heavy performance, high and light performances. The cost of the three varies, but basically, the most on the used liner are the heavy one that is thick and much stronger than the two available. Get to know the type of liner that the chimney liner pro prefers to be the appropriate one for you, so as you could know the kind of budget expense that you will be facing.

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